Trek ad
Trek is people committed to
changing lives through
cycling. Who strive to
enhance the riding
experience worldwide
through innovative
products. Trek makes one
of the best bicycles in the
world. Check out this ad
featuring Lance Armsrtong.
This exotic beauty was produced by Trek for
only two years: 1998 and 1999. It was state of
the art in cycling, a streamlined carbon fiber
frame with beam suspension, an elegant blend
of stiff frame and soft
seat. Quite typical of the
beam frame time trial
bike that was popular in
the mid to late 1990's.
When the UCI banned
all frames that did not
have a seat tube from
sanctioned events in
2000 , Trek shut down
production. Today, the
Y-Foil has acquired a bit
of a cult following. It's
combination of sleek
appearance, stiff frameset, smooth ride, and
dazzling downhill performance make it rather
The Foil's frame design is known as a beam
frame, in that the seat sits on a beam instead of
on a tube that runs straight to the bottom
This gives a bit of flex to the
seat, without taking away
from overall frame stiffness,
which reduces road fatigue.
The beam frame design
has been produced by
several builders, most
notably the frames produced
by Softride and Zipp.
Personal opinion, but I find
the other beam frames to be
a bit clumsy looking, though
otherwise they are at least
the Foil's equal. A bicycle
doesn't have to be beautiful to be
acceptable, but neither must it be ugly to be