I have always loved Volkswagens from the 50's and 60's. Actually, I love all cars from the 50's and 60's but Volkswagens most of
all because of the unique design, history etc... I have always wanted to restore a car, and I choose a volkswagen because it's small
( I lived in an apartment at the time) and with so many companies selling aftermarket and N.O.S. (New Old Stock) parts, I would be
able to find everything I need.
I became fascinated with the Notchback after attending a few VW shows and decided that what I wanted to restore. Unfortunately,
at the time I could not find one in the condition that I wanted or at the price I could afford. The Notchback was never officially
imported to the United States, so they are considered rare. So my first restoration was this 1965 bug.
I purchased this car for about $200. It
needed an engine along with a bunch of
other parts. I restored it in my boss's
backyard. He was restoring a '63 corvair at
the time, so we worked together on both
I loved this car! it ran nice looked good, I
had it for a little over a year before it was
I was heartbroken! About two weeks later I got a call from a junkyard they found my car in a housing project in
Gardena, CA. My car was in Los Angeles parked in front of my apartment when it was stolen. She said that my
car was stripped and I can come down and pick I up anytime. I didn't even want to see my car in it's violated
state. She said I could sign over the pink slip, I told her that the pink slip was in the glovebox. She put me on
hold while she went to get it. When she came back, she told me that the glove box was gone too!
About two or three years later, I was sitting at my desk
at work and the craving for a notchback hit me again. I
called Bill and Steve's in Bellflower, they are known a
the notchback specialists to see if they know of
anyone selling a notchback. There were a couple of
people selling fully restored notchback's but that's not
what I wanted.
The following Saturday, something in my head told me
to go to Bill and Steve's just to check things out. They
had a board there for people to post For Sale / Wanted ads, so I checked it out. There was an ad posted
by a guy in San Diego that was selling two notchback's one was fully restored and the other one was the
parts car. He was only interested in selling both cars together for $6000.
I called him to talk to him about the parts car even though I knew he had no intention of selling the cars
separately. He told me that the parts car had a factory sunroof and he thinks the engine is okay he took
the carbs, generator and some other parts to build the completed car. I asked him, with my fingers and
toes crossed, if he would sell me the parts car. He said yes! Most people that called just wanted the
restored car and he needed to get rid of both. He said $500 and the car was mine!
I rented a flatbed truck and driver and the following Saturday we went to San Diego!
When we got to San Diego, The completed notchback was parked in front of the house. He did a very
good job of the restoration. I was impressed. He was a military man needing to sell the cars for the money
and space for his growing family. When I saw my parts car, I almost passed out! OMG! What have I got
myself into! But I have paid $200 for the flatbed and I figured, If I cant handle it, I can always sell my parts
So we loaded up the flatbed and headed to Van Nuys.
The pictures below so the restoration process from start to finish.
(80 photos, takes a moment to download)